Here we'll add videos of shows we've done as they become available to let you see the sort of stuff you can learn from us and some of the fun shows we've done over the years.


We've had a look through our files and found some more videos that might interest or amuse you.

Click on the headline to watch in Youtube. 

Cameron & Amanda's Wedding Dance

Retro Rock 2009 Rockabilly

Retro Rock 2005 Intro dance

European Video I found - spectacular aerials

Rockabilly Triples

Rockabilly with aerials

More Rockabilly

Olympic Torch Ceremony Exhibition [better vision]

 Rock'n'roll Aerials Exhibition

Julio [?] with Crazy Bootscootin' Bunnies [Funny]

Club Virago National Meet Floorshow Kids Lindy Hop 

Club Virago Christmas Floorshow Kids Rock'n'Roll

Club Virago Christmas Rock'n'Roll Floorshow

Rockabilly Dance Demonstration

Swing Dance Exhibition for Club Virago National Meet 2000

The Supremes with Fred & Ginger

Bootscootin' Easter Bunnies [funny]

Swing dance routine from 2005.

We'll add more as we find them! Come back again.

West Coast Swing Night March 14th 2009


Rockabilly Segment

Lindy Hop Segment

Triples Segment

Lifts Finale

and last, but not least

The whole dance exhibition, as planned & scripted by Blue Suede Rock & Swing is now available in two segements which includes the MC's running commentary. Total time is just over 15 minutes which is too long in one hit for YouTube

Part 1

Part 2 

Video from the Perth International Arts Festival launch in Somerville Gardens UWA on November 5th 2008

Triples Dancing @ The Hyde Park Hotel

Aerials Exhibition by Jan & Geoff

Extra footage from the Astor Theatre Movie Dance Fundraiser

for the Perth Nostalgia Festival 2009

Band is The Roadmasters

Dancers are people you know

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