Get a dance choreographed to YOUR music for YOUR very special day

Private Dance Lessons are available by appointment

Whether you need to learn from step one or want to polish what you already know, Geoff can help you.

Geoff is a specialist in first dances. Teaching you in your own home, Geoff provides the convenience of coming to you and fitting your lessons into your busy schedule. Even if you or your fiancé have never danced before, Geoff can still work around your strengths and abilities to choreograph a fitting routine.

Geoff is a choreographer at Blue Suede Rock & Swing and has spent twenty two years as a professional dancer in Australia.

Geoff's expertise expands into jive, rock 'n' roll, Rockabilly, Lindy Hop, waltz, West Coast Swing, Cha Cha, Rumba, Boogie Woogie, slow rhythm, quickstep and two step.

Styles also include aerials, lifts, drops and throws.

Available in one hour blocks, you can choose one or two. You can even organise some of your friends to join in to reduce the cost per head.

If you're getting married, we can help with your wedding dance.

We help organise the music, show you how and when to go on the dance floor, give you loads of confidence, take into account the size of the dance floor and the style of wedding. We also take into account your personalities, skill and comfort level.

Choose your favourite song and we'll teach you to dance to it - music editing is available if your song needs some adapting to your needs - you can even get the whole bridal party in on this lesson if you want!

Telephone 041 9790799 to book your time or just discuss the possibilities.


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