The following is the list of essential moves we will teach you in your first batch of West Coast Swing Lessons.

The list comes courtesy of G.S.D.T.A. [Golden State Dance Teachers Association] in the U.S.A. and is their official syllabus.

Once you've learned these moves and the associated techniques, you will be a competent West Coast Swing Dancer. CONGRATULATIONS!


FEBRUARY 2009 - West Coast 101 

In an effort to preserve the fundamentals and characteristics of West Coast Swing, the World Swing Dance Council has delved back into formal Pattern Names & Lists, starting in 1952 - and followed the development and evolution up through 2008, in order to be able to sanction 14 BASIC PATTERNS in West Coast Swing. 

This was necessary in order to present 14 Patterns that could authentically represent the essence of West Coast Swing.  We have had numerous requests over the past 18 years to clarify these basics.  This is actually timely because of growing requests, not just across our nation, but world-wide, to provide a BASIC LIST that would serve as the 14 required, compulsory, patterns for a new, Fundamental Competition.  

Here is the current list for West Coast Swing 101:

          1. Triple Rhythm Break & Anchor
          2.  Left Side Pass
          3.  Underarm Turn 
          4.  Underarm with Hand Change
          5.  Right Side Pass
          6.  Lady's Right Turn & Pass  (Torque Turn)
          7.  Turning Basic
          8.  Throw-Out (from closed position) 
          9.  4-Beat Starter Step
        10.  Basic Tuck (from closed position)
        11.  Push Break (Sugar Push)
        12. Two Hand Tuck 
        13. Release Whip  (Basic Whip)
        14. Closed Whip 

World Swing Dance Council

 C/O Cathy Tigges, 4401 E. Janice Way Phoenix, AZ 85032


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