All about a great dance



West Coast Swing is a dancer's dance.

Anyone can learn the steps needed, but to truly enjoy the dance it will take time and a lot of dancing to gain a full understanding of all the nuances of the dance.

It can be danced to most styles of music from blues through rock'n'roll and swing to country, jazz and ballroom music. It works best when leader and follower have a good partner connection as then it can be danced to the music playing, as opposed to two dancers following a set routine requiring only that each remember what comes next.

Its origins lie back in the 1950s when dancers started changing their swing dancing so the follower always walked forward two steps instead of rock stepping or twisting as was the norm in lindy hop and boogie-woogie. Over the intervening years, it has developed and fine-tuned itself into the stylish dance we know today. A good authentic history of its origins can be found on Skippy Blair's website [click here] as she was one of the originators of the dance and is still involved in the dance.

Watch West Coast on youtube, but bear in mind that most of the videos posted are of professional, full-time teachers of the dance. These people live and breathe West Coast Swing 24/7. You, on the other hand, probably have a full-time job and might get to one or two lessons a week and might dance socially once a week. Don't expect to feel for the dance or to look like the videos overnight, but DON'T GIVE UP TOO SOON! Jan & I first started learning West Coast in 1998, but didn't feel right with it until 2008! [and we were dancing & teaching up to 5 nights a week!]

If you want to learn, we can help. Although we don't currently hold open public lessons, why not get a group of friends together to share the cost of getting us to a venue on one of our free nights? Give us a call for more info - 0419790799 or use our contact form. 


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