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Now! On with the dancing! 


EVERYBODY is born with two left feet! That's why babies don't start walking the moment they're born - they must LEARN to walk just as adults must LEARN to dance. We get up, we stumble, we fall down, then we get up again and repeat the sequence until we stop falling down.

Dancing is the same.

It's highly unlikely you'll learn to dance or even start to feel comfortable dancing for several lessons, but if you just give up, saying you've got two left feet, then you're not the same determined person you were when you were born, so get with the plan!

Come and see us and learn what to do!

It's the most fun you'll ever have standing up!


GEOFF 041@979@0799

JAN 040@719@0799





 This is the lesson schedule we hope to follow for next year

    2017 [Proposed Lessons]

 March 20 27 April 3 10 [17 P/H] 24 Dinner Dance night May 1

 May 8 15 22 29 June [5 P/H] 12 19 Dinner Dance night June 26

July 3 10 17 24 31 Dinner Dance night August 7

August 14 21 28 September 4 11 Dinner Dance night September 18 

 October 2 9 16 23 30 [Sorry No Dinner Dance night this time]

November 6 13 20 27 December 4 Dinner Dance night December 11

  All of the above are subject to availability of an area at Hillarys Yacht Club and are subject to change at the clubs discretion




The following are our current lesson times 

7-7:45pm Rock'n'Roll for Two Left Footers and others[Level 1]

7:45 - 8:00pm Bonus dance - could be a line dance or a partner dance but it will be something which will enable you to join in on a big dance night if you get the opportunity

8:00-8:30pm ROCKABILLY [FREE with any other lesson OR any other lesson FREE with Rockabilly]

8:30-9:10pm Rock'n'Roll Graduates [You must have some experience or have completed Level 1 at least once - we encourage all graduate students to keep repeating level 1 as a good warmup and practise prior to the ROCKABILLY lesson and this lesson]

Lessons will run over a varying number of weeks always finishing on the final week with a social dance/practise night which is free to attend for ALL students. We also invite students to join us early in the Yacht Club restaurant for a very nice meal at a very inexpensive price


Lessons are $10 per lesson, Payable in advance [i.e. 5 lesson course is $50, 7 lesson course is $70 etc] including one practise social dinner & dance night. Lessons missed must be taken the following course. It is not a use or lose it system - you will get every lesson you pay for.


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This is us! [Jan & Geoff]

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Wedding dance specialist Phone Geoff 0419790799Wedding dance specialist Phone Geoff 0419790799Wedding dance specialist Phone Geoff 0419790799Wedding dance specialist Phone Geoff 0419790799Wedding dance specialist Phone Geoff 0419790799

Rock'n'Roll/Jive Lessons 2017 -

Original 50's Boogie Woogie Style

We welcome beginners and two left footers Sessions for all levels

Mondays - Hillarys Yacht Club 7pm with Jan & Geoff lesson series plus dance night.

Please note that in Level 1 lessons you will have learned only the most basic elements of Rock'n'Roll dancing. We strongly recommend you continue your lessons at the next level with us and repeat Level 1 so as to gain a better experience and a stronger understanding of what we teach.

You are absolutely welcome also to repeat the beginners classes on the same night - there is no extra charge for taking more than one lesson on the night.

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Rockabilly Lessons - The Cool 50's Dance

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Wedding dance specialist Phone Geoff 0419790799

Lessons now every Monday @ Hillarys Yacht Club - See above for details

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By appointment. Please phone us to arrange these - 041 979 0799.

We prefer to come to your place to teach you as this gives you the chance to immediately review what you've just learned and make the most of the money you've just spent. It has been our experience that when people travel to a lesson and then travel home again, there is always something waiting at home for them to do and revision of what has just been learned goes out the window until later, when some of what has been taught will always have been forgotten!

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We recommend you choose the music you want to dance to prior to calling us, although we can make some helpful suggestions. You don't have to choose waltz music, either. This will be your first dance together as Mr & Mrs and it can be almost any song you both decide expresses your mutual feelings on the day! perth, swing dance lessons, west coast swing dance lessons boogie woogie, boogie woogie dance lessons, b, singles dance lessons, singles dance lessons . couples, couples dance, couples dance lessons, couples dance lessons perth, singles dance, ceroc perth, modern jive, perth ceroc, ceroc dance perth, perth rock and roll dance, perth dance rockabilly

Lesson Times

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Mondays - 7pm Dance nights start @ 7:30pm, meal in the club restaurant from 6pm - 7:30pm

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Personal Lessons by arrangement - Wedding dances etc wedding dance lessons perth, wedding dance, perth rocks, perthrocks, dance studio perth, dance shoes

Gift certificates can be arranged for any course or any personal lessons.